Friday, September 10, 2010

My daughter's 1st birthday party

Here are rest of the pictures from my daughter's Wallace and Gromit birthday party. To save money, I tried to make most of the food. I also made most of the decorations since I couldn't find party supplies for this theme. I worked on the party about a month before the party spending 1-2 hours on it a day, then the week of, I put in several more hours.

We served Mexican food for lunch. Most was homemade. I made a lot of the food beforehand and froze it. I did some research for food that can be made in advance and still taste good after being frozen.

The food table wasn't very pretty so I'm not posting any of those pictures, but the dessert table was my favorite project. I made several bite] sized desserts. The table is a little too immaculate, I think. Maybe a green tablecloth would have been better.

I made more cake bites, similar to what I've made in the past, except these were made from strawberry cake. Also I used my brownie pan to make them square shaped. I did that a couple weeks before the party and froze them. I dipped them 2 days before the party.

These were also strawberry, but covered in chocolate

This is the only Wallace and Gromit thing I own, besides the DVD's. I love this clock. I bought it from the Suncoast Motion Picture Company years and years ago when Wallace and Gromit was a new movie. I wish there were stores in the US where I could buy more stuff. I could buy online but I'd like to avoid shipping costs.

I made rice krispy treats a couple days before the party. Such a easy to make dessert and one of my favorites.

I made seven layer bars, but left out the butterscotch chips, so that made them 6 layer bars.
These freeze really well. I made these a week in advance and froze them.

Brownies!! love these boys! I ate a bunch. I made these a week in advance too, and froze them.

My friend made these beautiful whoopie pies.

Behind the whoopie pies in the 3 tiered stand, are a walnut vegan dessert my mother-in-law made.

I made the cake from a cake mix from the store. I also bought the icing from the store too. I colored some green and pink for the flowers and the grass. Shaun is made from polymer clay.

I had pictures from each month of my daughter's first year of life and mixed them up for a game. People were supposed to put them chronological order....but got too busy and forgot to do the game. Oh well, at least it was pretty! ha ha!

And that is that!! It was a lot of work but it was a labor of love. Anything for my favorite little girl! But it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed baking and crafting. Since I've become a mommy, I haven't had time like I used to do all these things.

I'm a member of the Wallace and Gromit website and they have contests each month. I've submitted a few things in the past. I submitted the above picture this month. Oh I would love to win!! There's nothing like free Wallace and Gromit stuff!!

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