Monday, June 16, 2008

My nephews football themed, 1st birthday party

One of my nephews turned one yesterday!! we had a wonderful football/San Diego Chargers themed party.

i made the mini footballs from the cake ball recipe from Bakerella.
i left out the stripes on the edges of the football just to make it easier on myself. since i have trouble "drawing" with white chocolate, i just used white icing for the laces.

do you like our dessert table, table cloth? jane let us borrow this astro turf and gave us this idea (of making it look like part of a football field by using masking tape) which she used at her superbowl party this year.

3X3X2 box from Papermart filled with chocolate
football ribbon from Michaels

tiny smash cake for the birthday boy. i was pretty happy about this as this is only the 3rd cake i've decorated.

the green cupcakes are supposed to be a football on the football field. it doesn't look a good as i wanted. i've seen this type of cupcake before where it actually looks like grass. i don't have that particular tip, so i used a star shape instead.

i ordered the cupcakes with the Charger helmet on it from Ralphs grocery store.


schoolgirl said...

Once again you out did yourself! When are you opening up your own bakery? You would have so many customers! Your stuff is so cute and awesome and DELICIOUS!

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Wish we could have been at the party... :(

JaneReyGar said...

Wow! Everything turned out so nice! You did a great job (as usual). BTW, I have an extra grass tip that you can have. Hopefully I'll remember then next time I see you!

maybe strawberry said...

really jane? that is wonderful! thanks!

LaCourse said...

What did you use to decorate the little football cake? I am going to make a little smashcake for my son's 1st bday and would love to make a football cake since it's an OSU themed party!

maybe strawberry said...

LaCourse, i used one of the basic star shaped tips (i can't remember exactly which one it was) for the smash cake.

Michal said...

It's realy nice thanks for sharing.


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