Friday, September 10, 2010

Banner and Food Lables

I made a banner and food labels and a few other paper decorations from pretty paper I bought at the craft store for scrap booking. About a month before the party, I started looking online for ideas for a banner to put by the dessert table. I saw a few banners made with a pretty ribbon stringing the pieces together. But I didn't like the way the ribbon bunched up with the curvature of the banner. I just used a thin white string.

I made several sketches until I thought I had Gromit and Shaun with the correct proportions, then I traced those images on cardboard to make a template. One note, I made the small Gromits and Shauns small enough so that their eyes were the size of a hole punch. So instead of having to cut out a bunch of tiny white circles, I just used a hole punch to make the circles. I did sort of the same thing for the large Gromits and Shauns. I don't have any tools to make perfect circles, so I used a AA battery and traced the round part on a sheet of paper, and those were the eyes. Then I made the head proportional to the eyes.

I labeled all the food and desserts so people knew what they were eating. I made all the food labels with Gromit.

I used a black marker to write out the letters for Sofia's name

As you can see, my circles are not perfectly round. This is a big Gromit, where the eyes were traced from AA batteries. Also the noses were drawn in with a black marker.

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