Friday, August 20, 2010

Shaun the Sheep Cake Topper

I am a big fan of Aardman's Wallace and Gromit. Love Wallace and Gromit and I love claymation! My favorite is "A Close Shave" where Wallace and Gromit meet Shaun. I also love The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

My daughter's first birthday is next month and naturally I chose Wallace and Gromit for her theme. Yeah, yeah, I know she won't remember her first birthday and she doesn't even know Wallace and Gromit yet. I do let her watch Shaun the Sheep though. Unfortunately though, I haven't been able to buy/find party supplies. I was hoping to at least buy a tablecloth and napkins, but I couldn't find any. Nevertheless, I'm still going to have a Wallace and Gromit theme. I'm just going to have to make everything. I do have one thing... guess I can put it on the dessert table or something. It's a clock. A really awesome clock. It's the clock tower from "A Close Shave" with gromit on the side washing it, Wallace on the other side and Shaun on top. Gromits arm starts moving to scrub the tower when the clock alarm goes off.

Shaun the Sheep cake 2002

A few years ago, I made a Shaun the Sheep cake topper from Sculpey for a friend. And this was way before Shaun had his own show. My friend loves Wallace and Gromit as much as I do, So I decided to make the cake topper for her birthday. When I first made Shaun, I bought some fabric that looked like wool. This time I found yarn that was woolly and fluffy and it was much easier to use.

Here are the pieces I made. I baked them seperately, then glued them together after they cooled. I didn't make the black of the eyes with Sculpey. After I baked it, I used a Sharpie marker to draw in the iris. You'll see here that the body is quite thin. That is because Shaun is a thin sheep and I wanted to wrap it with lots of yarn to cover any little bit of black Sculpey without making him thick.

I made holes in the body and legs to insert a toothpick after it was baked. I wanted the legs to be somewhat moveable. Here you will see I had a clip holding the leg...that was because the hole I made in the leg was too small. When I inserted the toothpick, it broke. So here I glued it and put the clip on to keep it in place.

I wrapped the body and the tail a couple times. Then I knotted up some yarn and glued it on Shaun's head.

Here is Sofia with Shaun. She broke his ear shortly after I gave it to her. Thank goodness for glue!

Wish me luck as I attempt to make Wallace and Gromit themed banner, favor bags, and a few other things in the next couple weeks. And if any of you have seen pictures of a Wallace and Gromit themed birthday party, please give me the url--I need more ideas. many thanks.


kimbalaya said...

Wallace & Gromit FTW!!!! They are teh awesome!! We even have a playstation game of them. LOL

Here are some links I found with some ideas.

maybe strawberry said...

Thanks so much Kim! i LOVE that cake with Gromit in the dog house. wish i could make one like that. And that book that Debbie Brown wrote...i think i need to buy one!

maybe strawberry said...

oh, Kim, what does FTW mean?

kimbalaya said...

FTW = For The Win. An expression meaning great enthusiasm, approval, or excitement over something. LOL

Mama Bear said...

I thought FTW meant something else. I don't want to say what I thought it meant because it's extremely bad. LOL.....

kimbalaya said...

Mama Bear - I think you're probably thinking of FML... the ML standing for My Life. I'll leave the F to your imagination, but it's certainly nothing I would EVER say! :-/

kimbalaya said...

Although in Googling just now, I find that FTW *could* stand for what you're thinking, but that's usually in a Biker gang, and online usage of FTW is usually (and I quote...) "For The Win." An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post. Sometimes genuine, but often sarcastic. Originated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player's response is expected to win the game."

(I thought the Hollywood Squares reference was funny!)


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