Sunday, April 13, 2008

spring birthday party

we had a very pretty birthday party for one of my nieces yesterday. she just turned 2 years old. it was a simple party with cake/dessert/ice cream. i volunteered to make the cake. it was hard decorating the cake as this is only the 2nd cake i've decorated before but i was happy with the results. i also made some chocolate covered strawberries in addition to the chocolate's in my previous post. here are some pictures

i love runnunculus (sp?)

i made party favors with 2 inch square boxes from and used ribbon from michael's. the party favors had chocolate inside

i use trader joe's milk chocolate to cover the strawberries.

i found really cute tulip cups and fulled them with milk duds and m&m's

originally the cake had yellow beads around the top of the cake but i made the mistake of putting the cake next to a hot pasta dish in the car on the way to the party so the icing on the sides of the cake fell down. i scraped off the sides and redid it but didn't have time to add the beads at the top.


Mama of two hapas said...

Thanks so much, Grace! The party was beautiful and everything was delicious! Ella loved her "Pooh cake"!! The chocolates you made were really delicious, too. I loved the little boxes as party favors, and the chocolates inside even matched the spring theme! So clever!

schoolgirl said...

The cake still looked gorgeous! I am putting in an order for a lemon cake for my birthday!

maybe strawberry said...

mama 2 hapas: you're very welcome!! i was so happy to help with the party. i'm very happy that Ella liked her cake!!!!

school girl: thank you! i will be glad to make your bday cake!


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