Monday, November 15, 2010

The Snowy Day Christmas party

Over the weekend we had an early Christmas party with family because all the weekends til Christmas are already booked. Because my 14 month old daughter absolutely loves The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, I chose this as the theme.

I use to host big Christmas parties every year and make gingerbread houses for all the kids to decorate, but I didn't want to make too much work for myself. So we bought half of the food, didn't do the gingerbread houses, had it after lunch for a dessert party, and only invited family.

I made paper napkin rings with Peter from The Snowy Day. I found this image online and cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop, printed them out and used a scalloped punch.

I used these also to decorate some of the candles.

We served baklava, cheesecake, 7 layer bars, lemon bars, chocolate mousse with an oreo crumbs, cookies from Coscto, puff pastries, and had cheese and crackers.

ohhhh, these puff pastries from Costco are soooo yummy! they come frozen and you bake them for 18 minutes.

This is the chocolate mousse with oreo crumbs at the bottom. Do you like the tiny glasses and spoons? I bought the shot glasses from Ross (6 for $4) and the spoons from Ikea (6 for $5). And the spoons are the perfect size for my daughter who is learning how to feed herself with a spoon.

These are from Costco too. love them!

My cheese ball snow man. I enjoyed making this guy. He's made from Philadelphia cream cheese (chive and onion flavor). I rolled him up in mozzarella and Parmesan and used peppercorns and a carrot to decorate him.

I absolutely love these flameless wax candles from Costco. (Can you tell I am a huge fan of Costco?) They use AA batteries, have a timer, and smell like vanilla. But in addition to that, they are non toxic like some real candles and don't have the possibility of burning down the house if my daughter knocks them over. They come 4 to a pack for $20 (but i got mine with a coupon for $16). I was telling my mother in law about them and how much i love them and guess what? she bought me more! she is so sweet!

I had a craft for the kids to make, a Christmas ornament. I used Photoshop to get headshots of all Sofia's cousins on one photo and printed it at Costco. I made 2 different sizes because I wasn't sure what size would be best. I found an image of the plush doll from The Snowy Day online and printed a few different sizes so that I could find one the perfect size to match the pictures of the kids. I made a template and cut out the snowsuit in felt.

I was planning on giving each kid 2 pieces of felt, one with a hole in the face for the picture to show through as it was sandwiched between the 2 pieces. But after making the ornament for my daughter, I gave up and wanted something easier. It was a pain cutting out the pieces from the felt, especially the hole where the face would show through. So i just had the kids cut their faces in a circle and glue to one piece of felt.

the finished product.

the is the one I made for my daughter.

The party favors were red, snowflake, Christmas ornament frames with each family's picture in it. I used them during the party to decorate the mantle.

My daughter was supposed to wear this red velveteen pants and hoodie so she would match Peter from the book, but i completely forgot about putting it on her. she actually wore her pajamas all day that day! oh well. The party was great! i ate so much and we had a white elephant gift exchange. I love being with family and love Christmas time! So this year, I'll be experiencing Christmas a little longer since the house is all decorated even before Thanksgiving.


kimbalaya said...

Wow, what a party! Looks delicious!

Have you heard about Scentsy? It's awesome. It's flameless too, you get these warmers that plug in and use a low watt light bulb. You put the wax cubes in the top and it warms it to melt the wax and release the scent but it's not hot. It's about the same temperature as a paraffin bath. When I went to my first Scentsy party (it's sold like Tupperware), my friend's 18 month old grabbed one of the warmers and spilled wax all down her arm and on her mom. Neither one of them were burned at all. That sold me! I'm a big fan of Scentsy now! You can order online or through a person you know locally. I have 2 warmers and about 15 different scented wax bars so far. :)

maybe strawberry said...

thank you Kim! i've never heard to scentsy. i'll have to look it up.

kimbalaya said... This is my consultant! :)

mom2evie said...

Hi there,
I'm throwing my daughter a "Snowy Day" for her 2nd birthday party in a few weeks since it's her favorite book. I found your site through a Google search. Do you think you could email me both files of Peter with his tracks and Peter the doll? I would really appreciate it and it would save me some time.


maybe strawberry said...

hi mom2evie,
yes, i'll be glad to email them to you. i'd love to see pictures of your party after wards!


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