Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shaun the Sheep favor bag labels

I made favor bags for my daughter's birthday that had chocolate and cookies it them. I wish I could have afforded to put a little Wallace and Gromit or Shaun toy in it, but I had to make 30 bags and couldn't afford to buy that many.

I was hoping to get light pink or light green favor bags. They cost approximately $4 for 12 at a few different stores. But then I found some plain white lunch bags that I bought instead. I got 50 bags for less than $3. But you (usually) get what you pay for. They bags were poorly made, the glue that was used at the bottom of the bag sometimes stuck to the sides of the bag and when I opened them up some were torn a bit or got wrinkled. They also were thin, so you could see some of the contents of the bag. Not a big deal though...I don't think the kids cared and these bags ended up in the trash anyway.

I used Microsoft Publisher to design a personalized label for each child that RSVP'd to the party. I cut them with my paper cutter.

A year ago, a friend gave me this thing. I don't even know what it is called. She is a scrapbooking master and she has all sorts of REALLY COOL paper punches and die cutters (I don't even know if that's what they are called! hahaha!) Well this little contraption, trims the corners of a piece of paper to round them out. I used this on the square favor tags.

I folded the bag and glued on the tag. And that's it!


sunshine said...

Good the bags weren't a lot. The kids just cared about the insides anyways. Very nice theme!

Tori said...

Very, very cute! If you're sharing those labels, I'd love to use them for my daughter's birthday party this weekend! They're absolutely perfect and adorable.

maybe strawberry said...

Hi Tori, I'd be glad to share the labels. It is a Publisher document and you'll have to change the text to meet your needs. Pls give me your email address and I'll send it to you. Glad my blog is still being viewed even though I haven't updated it for quite a while. Thanks for visiting!

Karen said...

Ooh, i would love a copy of it too if you are still happy to share it. I am doing a STS party for my 2yo next weekend. Thanks!

Sarah (Leeds, West Yorkshire) said...

Hiya, your blog on these labels are a brilliant idea. I'm doing a Wallace & Gromit themed birthday party for my little girl who will be 4. I didn't think for one minute it was going to be so hard to find W&G party stuff. So I'm having to create things myself. I've picked a W&G design but it's getting it on to things.
Your design is so sweet. I just need to get Microsoft publisher, a cutter thing & see what I can do.
Thanks again for posting.
Sarah (Leeds, West Yorkshire)

maybe strawberry said...

Thank you Sarah! Good luck with your party. Do you have a blog, I'd love to see pictures of your party. I love Wallace and Gromit. I've got 3 kids now and I'm sure we will have another W & G party sometime.

Laura said...

Hi- are you still able to share? These are so cute! And I will (hopefully) be using them to introduce Shaun to some kids in the States :)

Laura said...

Hi- are you still able to share? These are so cute! And I will (hopefully) be using them to introduce Shaun to some kids in the States :)


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