Friday, August 6, 2010

Oreo Ice Cream Pie

I've been craving an Oreo Ice cream pie for a long time now. About a month ago, I bought a couple of tart pans and made a few things. One I made with an Oreo crust. When I ground up the Oreos and just had a pile of Oreo dust in front of me, I wished i had vanilla Ice cream to top it. I would eat it just like that, a mountain or Oreo crumbs with a scoop of ice cream on top! Then I thought some day I would buy a spring form pan and make an ice cream pie. Well i didn't buy a pan, I borrowed one from my cousin and I attempted to make one. It didn't work. I think the bottom of the pan wasn't securely snapped into place and look what happened. I was very sad!

A week ago i thought I would try again. It was successful, but it still somehow ended in tragedy.
I bought the big box of Oreos from Costco. Here you can see my little helper on the kitchen floor, playing with the Oreo box and some pots.

As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the crust. I used 15 cookies. Most recipes say to use 10 cookies and scrape off the filling of the Oreo, but i just bended it all up, it seemed to stick pretty well, but after the fact, I should have at least used a T of butter. Then I mixed by hand, half a quart of Vanilla Ice cream with crumbs of 5 cookies for the 1st layer.

The next layer was only vanilla ice cream.

Topped it off with broken pieces of cookie.

Right after I took this picture, I set my camera down on the counter but forgot to check for the camera strap. It was hanging over the counter and baby grabbed it. I was very thankful it didn't hit her head, but it hit the ground right on the lens. When I turned it on it displays "zoom error" on the screen and it sounds like the lens is stuck. I brought it to a camera repair shop yesterday and was told a gear is broken in the lens and only the manufacturer will be able to fix it, and the whole lens will probably need to be replaced. :( so not sure now if I will just have to get a new camera, I'll have to check with the manufacturer to see how much a new lens will be.

The following pictures were taken with my cell phone.

The pie should be frozen for at least 4 hours. But I couldn't wait that long so the pie was a little soft in the pictures.

My husband and I ate the pie in 2 days. It was sooooooooooooo yummy!


sunshine said...

Still looks very yummy! Sorry about the catastophes. I guess every good baker has got to have a few stories to share. I am sure the 3rd time you make it will be a charm!

JaneReyGar said...

Man, that looks soooo yummy!!! I might've eaten the first one off the floor!! hahaha

maybe strawberry said...

well i must confess, we did scoop up the top layer which wasn't touching the ground and ate it. ha ha ha!!


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