Friday, July 25, 2008

i love cupcake liners!

i bought some blue and white striped mini cupcake liners today from Do it With Icing. i just love cupcake liners! some are so pretty! i've been looking for some with flowers but haven't found any yet. let me know if you know where i can get some. i thought i'd show you my current collection. have a great weekend!


JaneReyGar said...

aww! those are so nice! Where did you get those yellow tulip ones?? I've never seen that before!

kimbalaya said...

LOL This comment will probably go to spam for linkage...


Full size:


maybe strawberry said...

Jane, i got them from Do it With Icing in Clairemont Mesa. They also sell mint green and peach colored ones. i also got all my striped liners from there also.

Kim, wow! thanks for all the urls for those cupcake liners!!!

schoolgirl said...

cool, that just makes the cupcakes so much more pretty! I like the yellow flower ones too!


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