Monday, July 21, 2008

turtles for my husband's birthday

i made some turtles for my husband. it was his birthday last week. i used caramel from Whole Foods and walnut halves from Trader Joes. The turtles were medium sized made from 3 walnut halves. i melted the caramel and the chocolate in the microwave. it wasn't too hard, just make sure to heat your caramel on medium for about 20 seconds at a time, it's easy to burn, especially if you are only melting a little bit.
i only made a 8 turtles. i used a dinner plate and stretched plastic wrap over it tightly. i highly recommend using plastic wrap, it's the best surface for chocolate and/or caramel because they peel off the plastic so easily. i hate foil which is recommended in a few recipes for caramel apples. ugh, i used foil once and it was really, really hard to peel off the apples.

i don't like a ton of caramel on the turtles, so you can see here that i used about a teaspoon or so of melted caramel
i poured on about a tablespoon and a half of chocolate

and here they are, the finished product.


schoolgirl said...

They look cute and delicious.

JaneReyGar said...

that's the first time I've seen turtles actually look like turtles (the animal)!!


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