Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some other things I made before I had this blog

i started a Flickr account and was posting some of my pictures there. i found i have a few pictures that i haven't posted here because they were taken before i started this blog. here they are:

i made these cupcakes last Christmas. They are chocolate cupcakes, covered with vanilla frosting and decorated with pieces of chocolate and a royal icing "carrot." I really liked these. I'll make them again this Christmas. by the way, it's only 6 months til Christmas, yay!!!!!!!

The next few pictures are from my sister's baby shower a year ago. This is the dessert table

my sister in law made these cute little ducky cupcakes

the favors were 2 inch boxes with chocolate inside. the ribbon was from Michael's and the ducks were from Wal-Mart. They were really cute fuzzy stickers

i filled the duck with miniature M&M's

mini lemon cupakes

This was the first cake I've decorated (a year ago). it's kind of messy. i still haven't taken a cake decorating class....i would really like to this summer


schoolgirl said...

Well, I think you are already a professional cake decorater!!! You should teach a class. Everything you make is gorgeous and yummy too! My favorite are things made with lemon!

Mama Bear said...

Not sure if you have a place in mind to take the classes, but here's a place in Clairemont that a couple of my friends have gone to.

And of course there's always the infamous Wilton's cake decorating class at Michael's.

maybe strawberry said...

thanks school girl! i'm excited to make your birthday cake in a couple weeks.

mama bear, thanks for the info on 2 classes. i love do it with icing, i buy lots of stuff there. i'll check out the links you sent


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