Sunday, May 11, 2008

chocolate cake balls

i found a site long ago (before it was advertised on Martha Stewart) that i just love!! Bakerella makes the cutest things on her site. i especially love the cupcake bites on her site. i decided to try to make them for a party yesterday. but they were falling apart so i just made balls instead. i'll have to try making the cupcake bites again sometime, because theses are the cutest things i've ever seen.

i didn't have cream cheese frosting on hand so i just mixed the cake with chocolate icing. and i dipped them in real chocolate, not chocolate bark so maybe that is why i had trouble dipping the cupcake shapes.

the small cake balls were dipped in milk chocolate, and the large cake balls were dipped in dark chocolate


schoolgirl said...

These were so yummy. I especially liked the small milk chocolate ones!!!!

kimbalaya said...

Those look really yummy. I'll have to make some to send to work with Charlie.

Have you ever made the Oreo cookie version? Same basic idea but use Oreo cookies instead of cake. Whiz the cookies up in the blender, mix with cream cheese, roll into balls and dip in melted chocolate. I did some white chocolate ones, and I did some with peanut butter Oreos, and I think I did some mint Oreos. They were a big hit at work!

kimbalaya said...

Zordmaster said...

These were so YUMMY and just the right size too! Looking forward to them at future parties. =)

maybe strawberry said...

kim, no, i've not made the oreo version but have seen then on the same site i found these cake balls on. they look really good!!!!!!! i will have to try those soon

school girl, i'm so glad you like them. i'm making more now for the party tomorrow.

zordy, will you be at the party tomorrow? i'll have them there!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the square cake balls. can you please tell me how u shaped those and how u dipped them in chocolate? same toothpick method?please let me know.thanks.


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