Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tangled tower pinata

One of my nieces is having a Disney's Tangled birthday party.  My gift for the birthday girl is making the pinata.  Recently I've seen a lot of birthday cakes that look like the tower.  I loved how the purple shingles on the roof looked made out of fondant. I thought it would be interesting to see a tower pinata with little pieces of purple tissue flying in the wind as it hung outside at a birthday party. 

Below are some pictures that I used to help me design the pinata.  I wanted to add more to the pinata, but the pinata is such a short version of the tower, I had to leave a lot of details out. 
a screen shot from the movie

 The international movie poster

the top of the princess float at the Disneyland parade
 another shot of the float

 Just a box that i shaped
I used some packing tape and tacky glue
I wrapped it in black construction paper.  I wish I had beige instead but didn't have any, so I decided on black.
 I made spacers out of squares of cardboard to for the top portion of the tower (where the windows are)
 My little helper, helping me to stack the cardboard pieces

 I let them dry for a few minutes

 I glued them near the top
 The top of the tower was just construction paper glued to the spacers.  I changed it though, not sure why I made it black, but later I changed it to white. 
Sorry, by the time I took this next picture, I had done a lot but didn't take any pictures of the work.  My daughter was "helping" me and it was just a big mess on my dining table.  Here I had added strips of brown paper to the base of the tower and glued on different colored rectangle paper to look like bricks.  I also started making the roof after I attached some hemp string on the inside.  I used glue and tape to keep the rope in place in 4 places.  Then I used strips of cardboard to start making the roof
 Here I glued on a bunch of little pieces of white paper to complete the roof

 I made little squares of purple tissues for the shingles and just started layering them from the bottom

 I curled the ends of brown paper with a small paint brush and added some flowers
the vines are just green tissue i rolled tightly together


The pinata is about 17 inches tall and the bottom diameter is about 7.5 inches.  I don't know how long this took.  But it was hours and hours.  If I had a few minutes or an hour free during the day I would work on the pinata.  It was a lot of fun, I love doing this stuff.  I think I may try making another and see if I can sell it online.  I want to remain a stay at home mom, but if there is something I can do when I have free time, that I enjoy, I think I better jump on it because some extra cash would be nice right now.


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Cute! Seems like a lot of work, tho, for something that is ruined in a few minutes! ;)

janerey said...

It was sooooooooo adorable!! I don't blame Jada for not wanting to break it! But you really should sell these on Etsy or something! Pinatas are pretty pricy, so you could charge a good amount for them. They can double as centerpieces if people don't want to break them. Although, I was looking forward to seeing the kids whack a pinata with a frying pan! haha but if you sell them, you should maybe do a trial version to see how well it breaks or make a version with the pull strings?

maybe strawberry said...

Thanks Jane! Yeah, I was kind of disappointed that Jada didn't want to break it, i wanted to see how it would hold up. I had no idea if it was too fragile and break pretty quick or if i made it too sturdy. Plus it kind of got messed up in the process of getting the chocolates were taken out. I think i will make the trial one with pull strings and see how that goes.

Mama Bear said...

It turned out beautiful!!!! I wouldn't want to break it either. As far as selling them, you might have better luck selling for a profit to people who don't live in SD because we live so close to the border, the giant pinatas actually are pretty cheap. All the pinatas that we have bought for my kids parties (and they all have been giant sized) are priced between $15-25. But pinatas may not be so readily available in other states.

EdenD said...

Awesome! I wish I had your talent!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God u r fab! That pinata is to say the least AMAZING! U r seriously talented... well done! I love it and I just wish you lived in Ireland so I could order from you! Best of luck if you do decide to make it a little business! You will make loads of money I am sure! x

sunnylove said...

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maybe strawberry said...

Thank you very much anonymous and sunnylove!


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