Saturday, November 12, 2011

My baby shower favors

We had our baby shower last week.  It was wonderful!  My sister asked me what theme I wanted for the shower and I didn't have a preference but I knew I wanted pumpkin pie, pecan pie and other autumn desserts.  The shower ended up just being decorated like it was Thanksgiving.  It was beautiful and so delicious.

I made the favors for the guests.  Nothing new, it was pretty much the same favor I've given at many other parties.  I already had some little boxes (from and I used one of  my favorite chocolates: Lindt Truffles.  Costco used to carry bags of the milk chocolate truffles all year long but in the last couple years or so, they only carry them just before and during the Christmas season.  The bag they carry now has assorted truffles:  milk, white, dark, peanut butter and 60% dark.  Oh So Good!!

 Here, my daughter and nephew were helping me fill the boxes.  Three truffles per box.

I made labels with MS Publisher and instead of using ribbon, I printed out orange and white checkers and cut them in strips to use on the favors.  


janerey said...

I love Papermart! The problem is that the boxes are in bulk, so I end up with far too many so I also end up using them for everything! Like, I just ordered a case of 72 metallic blue take-out boxes for Ian's next bday party because I needed 30 and the smaller package only had 24! I don't know what I'll do with 42 extra metallic blue boxes though! haha

Also, I just found out the warehouse is very close to my cousin's house, so I saved on shipping by having his pick it up for me. This could get very dangerous for me... lol

janerey said...

BTW, I'm so sorry we missed your shower! I'm forever haunted by cakeballs!


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