Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food processor

I've never owned a food processor and have always wanted one. I finally got one yesterday! I ordered it from Bed, Bath and Beyond on Thursday. This particular one is available only online, but I paid for it at the store and it was shipped to me. Yay for free shipping and a 20% coupon! I was out of town yesterday and found it on my doorstep when I got home last night.

I did a lot of research over the last few months, and a lot of saving of money to get this baby. It is a big one but I think it will best fit my cooking/baking needs. No more frustration making hummus or pesto in my VitaMix. A couple weeks ago, I made a pie crust from nuts and dates and had to use my VitaMix. Oh it was a HUGE pain. I can't wait to chop a head of cabbage for cole slaw in the food processor. It takes so long for me to chop, by hand, the cabbage real tiny for cole slaw. So excited!!!

My daughter was also excited to see something new in the house. I'm so glad that it came with a locking container to store all the blades.

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