Monday, December 8, 2008

Lego cake

i made my nephew's birthday cake. the party theme was Legos. i thought i would try to make little cakes that looked like legos that i've seen online, but i'm still struggling with making the icing smooth and it seems hard to make those little rectangle cakes with the lego bumps on top nice and smooth. it would drive me crazy trying to smooth it out, and i don't want to attempt fondant yet. So to make plain round cake Lego themed, i just stuck on some of my nephew's Lego people on it. I also bought Lego shaped candy, but i didn't like that they weren't the bright colors of Legos, so i decided not to put them on the cake.


Mama Bear said...

Thank you for the cake! He loved it!!!

schoolgirl said...

It was a beautiful cake! I still think you are awesome at making cakes. Better then what I can do!

JaneReyGar said...

Yeah, I thought you were for sure going to make those Lego blocks coz I've seen so many pictures, but it doesn't seem like anyone's gotten it quite right, so maybe they're too hard to attempt. Your cake still came out awesome! I love th idea of putting all the Lego men around the edges! (P.S. fondant's actually not too hard after a couple tries, but I'd recommend marshmallow fondant for flavor!)


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