Sunday, December 7, 2008

23 mini gingerbread houses Part 2

the gingerbread house decorating activity was a success. the kids really enjoyed it. here are some pictures from yesterday the candy and wreaths and christmas trees that i made
(candy canes, chocolate santa claus, m&m's, mini chocolate chips, lemon heads, nerds, cinnamon candy, peppermints, and gum drops)

i also piped some mini christmas wreaths and trees (but the trees didn't look very good)

the trees are on the right of this picture

i made tiny signs to post in the "front yard" of each house

i forgot to take a picture of all the decorated houses last night, but here are a few of them

here's my house

here it is without the dome


schoolgirl said...

What a lovely project. The kids loved it and had a blast. Thanks again for a great time!

Mama Bear said...

Thank you for the doing this for the kids'!!! My little one had a fun time decorating his house and it's currently on display at home.


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