Sunday, August 17, 2008

single layer chcolate cake

friends from out of town with a new baby named Havilah, came to visit this weekend. i made this cake for them. I used the vegan chocolate cake recipe but the ganache was not vegan as i used milk chocolate to make it.
I wanted that Hostess cupcake look on this cake with the name stretching from one end of the cake to the other like the loops on a hostess cupcake. i messed up on the h at the end. i had to wipe my mistake and add ganache to cover the mistake then re write the h. hope you can't notice it too much


schoolgirl said...

This was by far the most yummiest chocolate cake you have made.

JaneReyGar said...

mmm...I've yet to try ganache. have you tried putting the cake on a cooling rack (over a pan) when you pour the ganache then transfering it so you don't have any drips at the bottom? Like I said, I've never tried it, but that's what I always see. Anyway, the hostess cupcake idea is great!

maybe strawberry said...

i was thinking about putting the cake on a rack while pouring the ganache over it, but i wasn't sure how i would take the cake off without damaging it. i guess i would need one of the cardboard things underneath it that is the exact same diameter as the cake. i will try that next time

Stephanie said...

hey i hope you dont mind i came across your blog i love it and i been snooping...... im in Califonia to i love beads on bottom borders of cakes to that all i do i need to stop lol

maybe strawberry said...

hi stephanie! thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you come and visit often. thanks for the comments!


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