Friday, January 6, 2012

Chocolate Crinkles

I had a wonderful Christmas but kind of feel like I missed a lot of Christmas.  My second daughter was born a few days before Christmas so I didn't get to bake much or attend any Christmas parties.  December went by so fast!  Too fast for my liking!  I just love Christmastime.  Anyway, I'm loving having 2 kids.  I'm super tired but just about recovered from the delivery and getting adjusted to be a mommy of two.

Today, I made Chocolate Crinkles.  I've never eaten them or made them before, but I've seen them a lot around the holidays.  This recipe made beautiful cookies that were light and fluffy, not really with a rich chocolate flavor.  They were alright but I prefer cookies more dense and rich.  Maybe next time I'll make these with a recipe that asks for chocolate instead of cocoa powder. 

 I used a 2 tablespoon cookie scoop and baked for 15 minutes at 350

Sorry for the blur in the center of the pictures.  I recently started letting my 2 year old use my camera so she can learn to take pictures.  After I downloaded the pictures and saw the blur, I noticed a big fingerprint on the lens of m camera.


scfinder said...

Your crinkles looks delicious, SpeedyCourse would like you to know that they are offering Baking Certification.

Nurse said...

Your crinkle cookies look great! Mine did not result in such white powdered sugar remnants. Maybe the powdered sugar absorbed into the cookie. Will try again.

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