Wednesday, August 6, 2008

purple cake

today i made this purple lemon cake for some good friends who just moved back to San Diego. i meant to make it blue (like the sky and add white "clouds"), but when i put the food coloring in, it wasn't the light blue i was hoping for, so i added red to make it purple instead. i'll have to try experimenting with food coloring also. so far, i've only used the liquid food coloring from the grocery store.
the border was supposed to be white and purple mixed together, oh well

after i made the top border, it started to droop! it was really hot and humid today, plus i made the border too close to the edge, i guess, and the border fell in a couple places. i've been able to make a smoother cakes, but after i had to clean this up, this cake was kind of a mess.


Mama Bear said...

I can't believe Lourie and her fam are back in town. Good for them since all of their families are here. What part of town will they be living in?

schoolgirl said...

Is that who the cake was for? Yes, let us know where they will be located. I still think the cake looks beautiful! You have done a lot of baking this week.

Snooky doodle said...

this cake is great . can i have some :-) ??? i just found your blog through bakarella and i really like it. Now have to continue reading your posts. bye for now ha ha

maybe strawberry said...

thanks for visiting snooky doodle, hope you come back again

Stephanie said...

such a cute cake i love the one for your niece;) i made one for my niece did not come out so good lol .


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