Sunday, August 3, 2008

chocolate lion cake

i made this tiny 4 inch cake today. it's a 2 layer yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting inside and covered with chocolate fudge icing. i bought the edible eyes and tiny little cake box from Do it With Icing.

The cake is leaning a little bit, so that is something i need to work on on future cakes. I wasn't meaning to make a lion but i was trying something different when i was working on the top border and when i finished, i thought it looked like a lions mane so i decided to make a chocolate lion.
i only have one offset spatula and it was too large to use on this tiny cake, so i used a butter knife. i tried using my lazy susan last time i made a cake, but it didn't turn smoothly. i'll have to go buy another one.

inside the box

i have a new label


schoolgirl said...

Was this for someone special? How cute! Some kid would be so excited to have a lion cake! I sure would. I am craving chocolate cake now!

maybe strawberry said...

hi school girl! i made it just to practice on, but when my parents came over to visit tonight, i decided to give it to them to bring to Ed and Yvonne. i'll make you a cake too

JaneReyGar said...

You may want to try this tool, it's a cake smoother (duh), but it looks like this plain, flat piece of metal. It's about maybe 5x7". Strange thing is, it was Ron's before we got married and I thought it was overrated, but it has its advantages. The tulle method I told you about before works with stiffer, homemade buttercream. Not so much with store-bought frosting. You can also try warming the frosting in the microwave for a few seconds (in a pyrex measuring cup) and pouring it. I haven't tried that myself, but I read that somewhere. Try stiffer icing like Wilton's ready-to-use decorator icing for piping.

maybe strawberry said...

thanks jane for the info. i will have to look into the cake smoother and wilton icing. yeah, the store bought frosting is not stiff at all.

JaneReyGar said...

yeah, and it doesn't help when your hands warm up the icing bag even more and it starts to soften up too much! I'm actually surprise at how well you've been able to use store-bought icing!

JaneReyGar said...

btw, where do you get your boxes from? are they regular gift boxes or do they open on the sides?

maybe strawberry said...

they are cake boxes that i bought from "do it with icing" in clairemont mesa on clairemon blvd. they have all sorts of sizes which i love! they are one piece that fold in on the sides and the top comes up


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