Sunday, August 24, 2008

another lion cake

i made this 4 inch chocolate cake yesterday also. this one was for my nephew, no reason, except that his sister is the one i made a cake for last week. it was nice playing around more with my grass tip #233. since i was in a hurry making this cake and the cake for my sister, i didn't cut the top off the cake to level it or cut it in half to add a filling.
yellow buttercream icing colored yellow

you know, before i added the nose and mouth, he looked like a hamster or something like that. i think it's because i gave him small ears, next time i'll need to make them 2-3 times bigger


schoolgirl said...

Thank you. This was sooo cute and oh so yummy. Glad Noah shared. Loved the mane!

figgiepudding said...

Oh, how cute is that! I love how fuzzy it looks!!


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