Friday, July 4, 2008

two 6 inch cakes

I bought a 6 inch and a 4 inch round pan earlier this week. I thought it would be nice to have smaller cakes to practice my decorating on. With the economy like it is, I think I'm going to have to skip the cake decorating class. I'll just spend the money on some supplies (which i'll need to buy anyway) and find some tutorials online and practice by my self.this is a cake I made for a friend who just had her first baby girl (she has 4 boys). I should really try something new, but i just love those dots. but i did make the swags on the sides, i wanted to see if i could figure out how to make them even on all sides. it wasn't too hard. But i do have a hard time smoothing the sides and top. i only have an offset spatula, i think i need something else for the sides, i'm not sure what the name is, but i've seen people use it on tv.

I messed up the name, so i had to wipe everything off and try it again, that's why the top is even less smooth than before.

i bought the little pink shoes from Do it with Icing.

this cake should have a bottom border, but i put it on the plate that has a dome that is only about 1/2 inch wider than the cake. oh well. i need to keep it under the dome while i transport it to the 4th of July party we will attend today. I tried to make a swirly border on the top, but i messed up bad so i wiped it off and just made a star border instead. this cake decorating sure is harder than i thought. but i'm sure will get easier with time.


Corn said...

Wow Grace, you are very talented!

Mama Bear said...

OOh, is that the brownie ice cream cake that you were telling me about last night? Can't wait to eat that later today!!! See you soon!

maybe strawberry said...

no mama bear, this is just a white cake. i'll make the brownie dessert today.

schoolgirl said...

Yes, you are so talented like Corn said. Everything you make is so pretty!

Sheryl (aka mamalemma said...

Hey, don't sweat not being able to take the class -- my mom has been making cakes for nearly 40 years, and is completely self-taught. You might try picking one of up the Wilton Yearbooks -- if I remember right, they have some instruction in them (though perhaps that was before they started offering classes at Michaels!) And of course -- your YouTube technique is a GREAT one! :-) I think the most important thing is that you enjoy it; that's what is going to make you want to practice. Another thing you might consider is finding someone who is good at it who wouldn't mind mentoring you. I know my mom ran a side business making cakes for friends (and then friends-of-friends-of-friends) and had more work than she could handle. Now that she is nearing retirement age, she finds she doesn't enjoy the decorating nearly as much, and would love to be able to refer her business to someone else. I bet there are lots of people out there like her, who would welcome the opportunity to mentor someone about all their tips and techniques. My mom passed it all on to my sister and me, but we don't live near her, nor do we want to inherit her four-cakes-a-week business. :-)


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