Thursday, April 10, 2008

walnut, caramel chocolates

one of my nieces is celebrating her 2nd birthday this weekend. i made some chocolates to serve at the party and made some extra to bring to work today. they are made from walnut halves, caramel and milk chocolate. i bought the walnuts and chocolate from trader joes and the caramel is from whole foods. i buy my caramel from whole foods or trader joes because they use real butter instead of using partially hydrogenated oils in their caramel. the caramel from whole foods is just a bit cheaper than trader joes.

here are some pictures

don't you just love this cheese dish? it looks like a tiny cake platter. i just love it. i have 2 of them. one thing i collect is cake platters. i especially love the domed ones and footed ones. i love love love them. if i had more money and more storage area at home, i would buy more.


schoolgirl said...

Yummmy!!! Can't wait to try those. I always admire your glass dishes. Who says it has to be used for cheese? very pretty!

Mama of two hapas said...

Looks delicious!

tiffany said...

They were soooo goooood!!


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