Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter treats

This Easter, instead of buying a bunch of plastic eggs and filling them with candy, i just bought Jelly Bellies and filled little bags to give away to some kids. i was trying to help the environment by not buying a bunch of plastic eggs that will just be thrown away. but i guess when the kids are done eating the jelly beans, they will throw away the packaging which is the same things. my sister was telling me that she took her kids to an easter party and there was a huge abundance of eggs for all the kids there. at the end of the party, the host asked the kids to take all the candy but to return the plastic eggs so they could reuse them next year. i think that's a great idea.


Mama of two hapas said...

Yeah, I haven't bought any eggs since Ryan was first born...I've reused them every year, and will again next year!

schoolgirl said...

I also save my plastic eggs too! They are good for many happy Easters!
The kids enjoyed the jelly Bellies the best out of all the candy they received! Great idea and thanks.


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