Friday, October 26, 2007

sneak peak

i love this time of year. one of the reasons i love it is because we have a harvest festival at church. i've always had my "bakery" booth and of course this year, wanted to do the same. but it's been busy and kind of crazy due to the fires here. so i didn't have time to bake all the stuff i wanted too. i've been making caramel apples every year and i made them today. but i was so excited because i found these tiny apples and decided to make tiny caramel apples (in addition to the regular sized granny smith apples) for my booth. since it's evening, the picture isn't that great because of the flash. but i'll take more on sunday so i can show you the other apples.


Zordmaster said...

Can't wait to taste your apples. You always have the best baked goods.

Mama of two hapas said...

Mmm, I love caramel apples, but hate eating them. Have you ever heard of apple blossoms? You core/slice apples, pour caramel over that, stack on whip cream and sprinkle nuts...easier to eat and they have a hand thingy that cores/slices the apples automatically.


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